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We have listed the papers and other written communications below in chronological order from bottom-to-top; that is, latest publications are highest in the list and earliest publications are lowest in the list. Dr. John C. Lowe, LLC, Editor-in-Chief


Autoimmune thyroiditis: Correlation of cytomorphology with drug history and clinical implications. Somanath Padhi, MD, Renu G’Boy Varghese, MD,DNB, Anita Ramdas, MD, Kulwant Singh, MD, Jayaprakash Sahoo, MD,DM, Mark C Arokiaraj, MD,DM. Thyroid Science, 6(11):CR1-5, 2011.

Primary hypothyroidism associated with hyperprolactinemia and pituitary macroadenoma. Dragana Jokic, MD and Xiangbing Wang, MD, PhD.  Thyroid Science, 6(7):CR1-4, 2011.

Papillary carcinoma in a thyroglossal duct cyst: A case report, review of literature, and diagnostic pitfalls in fine needle aspiration cytology. Narayani Joshi, MD and B.P Nag, MD. Thyroid Science, 6(10)CR1-3, 2011.

TSH is not the answer: Rationale for a new paradigm to evaluate and treat hypothyroidism, particularly associated with weight loss. Thomas Najarian, MD and Carol N. Rowsemitt, PhD, RN, FNP. Thyroid Science, 6(4):H1-16, 2011.

Hypothyroidism, particularly associated with weight loss: Evaluation and treatment based on symptoms and thyroid hormone levels. Thomas Najarian, MD and Carol N. Rowsemitt, PhD, RN, FNP. Thyroid Science, 6(6)CR1-7, 2011.

Osteoporosis in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism treated with thyroid hormone replacement. Pedro J. Tárraga López, MD, Francisco Naharro de Mora, MD, José Antonio Rodríguez Montes, MD, et al. Thyroid Science, 6(6):CLS1-9, 2011.

TSH is not the answer: Rationale for a new paradigm to evaluate and treat hypothyroidism, particularly associated with weight loss. Carol Rowsemitt, C., PhD, RN, FNP and Thomas Najarian, MD.: Thyroid Science, 6(4):H1-16, 2011.

Thyroid dysfunctions in tribal women of the Bastar Region of Chattisgharh, India. Lincy K. Skaria, MSc, Purnima Dey Sarkar, MSc, PhD, Gopinath Agnihotram, MSc, Amar Singh Thakur, MSc, PhD, Girish Pamidamarri, Msc. Thyroid Science, 6(6):1-5, 2011.

The impact of diabetes on thyroid dysfunction and outcomes in a native Indian female population. Nima V. Thakkar, PhD and Sunita M. Jain, PhD.  Thyroid Science, 6(4):1-9, 2011.

Development of Postpartum Graves’ Hyperthyroidism in a Woman with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism. Cindy Huang, MD, Diane Fresca, MD
Dragana Jokic, MD, and Xiangbing Wang, MD, PhD. Thyroid Science, 6(3):1-5, 2011.

Clinical Utility of Soluble Fas and Fas Ligand in Thyroid Pathogenesis. Gajjar, D.R. Patel, G.H., Kobawala, T.P., Patel, K.N., Parekh, U.B., Parekh, D.K., Patel, K.M., Shukla, S.N., and Shah, P.M.: Thyroid Science, 6(2):1-7, 2011.

Introduction to Dr. Rabin Das' paper on maternal urinary iodine and maternal and neonatal thyroid status: Raising medicine to a high and precise science. John C. Lowe, MA, DC. Thyroid Science, 6(2):1-15, 2011.

The role of iodine in the thyroid status of mothers and their neonates. Rabindra Nath Das, PhD. Thyroid Science, 6(2):1-15, 2011.

Grave’s ophthalmopathy in the absence of abnormal thyroid hormone and thyrotropin levels and thyrotropin receptor antibody. Hidekatsu Yanai, MD and Hiroko Yamazaki, MD. Thyroid Science, 6(1):1-3, 2011. Thyroid Science, 6(1):1-3, 2011.

Outcome of Fixed and Uncalculated Dose of Radioiodine in the Treatment of Hyper Functioning Thyroid Nodules. Morteza Taghavi, MD and Hatami Ghazal, MD. Thyroid Science, 6(1):1-3, 2011.

Low-dose 131I therapy in differentiated thyroid cancer. Ajit S. Shinto, MBBS, DRM, DNB, MNAMS, PGDHA; T.B Culas, MS; M.V. Suresh, MS; J. Mathew, MS; Ajay Kumar, MCh; M.L. Dathan, MS,FRCS; Sree Kumar Pillai, MCh; and C.D. Joseph, MD,DABR. Thyroid Science, 5(10):1-5, 2010.

Struma ovarii: case report and review. L. Meenakshisundaram, MBBS and J. Bingham, MD. Thyroid Science, 5(10):1-4, 2010.

Prevalence of Antithyroid Antibodies in Histologically Proven Autoimmune Thyroid Diseases and Correlation with Thyroid Dysfunction in South India. Dr. A.S. Shinto, L. Pachen, T.K. Sreekanth, and Dr. Deepu George. Thyroid Science, 5(9):1-5, 2010.

T3-Induced recovery from fibromyalgia by a hypothyroid patient resistant to T4 and desiccated thyroid. Dr. John C. Lowe. Thyroid Science, 5(6):1-7, 2010.

Effect of exogenous thyroid hormone intake on the interpretation of serum TSH test results. Peter Warmingham, BSc (Hons), MIET. Thyroid Science, 5(7)1-6, 2010.

Fixed Dose Radioactive Iodine Therapy in Hyperthyroidism: Outcome and Factors Affecting it in a Region in South India. Ajit S. Shinto, MBBS, DRM,DNB,PGDHA, Leena Pachen, BSc, NMT,DNMT, and T.K. Sreekanth, BSc, MRT, DMRIT. Thyroid Science, 5(6):CLS1-7, 2010.

Does thyroxine therapy harm euthyroid patients? Dr. John C. Lowe. Thyroid Science, Letters, June 20, 2010.

Comparative advantages of publishing in traditional print journals and open-access electronic journals. Dr. John C. Lowe. Thyroid Science, Letters, June 12, 2010.

FDG-PET/CT Visualizes a case of primary hyperparathyroidism in a patient with gastrointestinal stromal tumor. Drs. Laura Evangelista, Anna Rita Cervino, Michele Gregianin, and Giorgio Saladini. Thyroid Science, 5(4):1-4, 2010.

Subcellular Levels of L-T3 and L-T4 in adult rat brain cerebral cortex. Pradip K Sarkar, PhD, MSc, BSc (Honors). Thyroid Science, 5(4):CLS1-4, 2010.

Assessment of thyroid function and leptin hormone in women with hyperemesis gravidarum. Drs. Hussein Abdel Hai El Orabi, Inas Mohamed Sabry,
Ahmed Mohamed Awad Allah, and Alshymaa Alsayed Abd Alkhalek. Thyroid Science, 5(4):1-7, 2010.

Another Request, One-year after the Original, that the British Thyroid Association Respond to My Rebuttal to Its Opinions on Levothyroxine, T4/T3 Therapies, and Desiccated Thyroid. Dr. John C. Lowe, Letters, March 15, 2010.

High Anti-thyroid Antibodies: Associated with Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes
Even among Euthyroid Women
. Dr. John C. Lowe. Thyroid Science, 5(3):E1, March 8, 2010.

Devi, L., Tandon, R., Kumari, I., Huria, A., and Goel, P.: Thyrotoxicosis in Pregnancy Complicated by Propylthiouracil-induced Hepatitis. Thyroid Science,
5(2):CR1-3, 2010.

Lowe, J.C.: Comparative effects of Cynomel and Hypo Support Formula.Thyroid Science, 4(10):CR1-8, 2009.

Dunn, M.E., Hennessey, J.V., Cosmas, A.C., Lamont, L.S., and Manfredi, T.G.: Clinical Case Report: Ultrastructural Evidence of Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Patients With Subclinical Hypothyroidism. Thyroid Science, 4(6):CLS1-8, 2009.

Colaco, R.J., Menasce, L.P., Ranson, M., Sobrinho Simoes, M., Teijeiro, J.C., Vinjamuri, S., and Yap, B.K.: A clinical case report of cribriform-morular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma with neuroendocrine differentiation and aggressive behaviour in a patient with familial adenomatous polyposis coli. Thyroid Science, 4(3):CR1-3, 2009.

Huang, C., Toscano-Zukor, A., and Wang, X.: Case Report: Hyperthyroidism, Iron-deficiency Anemia, and Celiac Disease. Thyroid Science, 4(3):CR1-3, 2009.

Reuben F. De Sousa, MBBS, Amonkar Dilip, MS, FICS, and Correia Mervyn, MS. Thyroid abscess with cutaneous fistula: Case report and review of the literature. Thyroid Science, 3(11):CR1-4, 2008.

David M. Derry, MD, PhD: Regeneration of human scar tissue with topical iodine: A preliminary report—part 2. Thyroid Science, 3(7):CR1-9, 2008. Contact: dderry@shaw.ca.

Laura Evangelista, MD, Teresa De Falco, MD, T. Carmine di Nuzzo, MD, and Marco Salvatore, MD: Utility of adrhy with 131I-6-β-methyl-norcholesterol in a case of mismatch between morphological and functional PET imaging.Thyroid Science, 3(6):CR1-3, 2008.

David M. Derry, MD, PhD: Regeneration of human Scar tissue with topical iodine: A preliminary report—part 1 (three years). Thyroid Science, 3(6):CR1-9, 2008.

(Dr. Derry's report contains multiple high-resolution photos. If the file doesn't open for you, please downloaded the latest version of Adobe Reader. It is available free at the following website and will open the file: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.) a  b  c 



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