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We have listed the papers and other written communications below in chronological order from bottom-to-top; that is, latest publications are highest in the list and earliest publications are lowest in the list. Dr. John C. Lowe, LLC, Editor-in-Chief


Padhi, S., Varghese, R.G'B., Ramdas, A., Singh, K., Sahoo, J., Arokiaraj, M.C.: Autoimmune thyroiditis: Correlation of
cytomorphology with drug history and clinical implications
. Thyroid Science, 6(11):CR1-5, 2011.

Jokic, D. and Wang,X.: Primary hypothyroidism associated with
hyperprolactinemia and pituitary macroadenoma
. Thyroid Science, 6(7): CR1-4, 2011.

Joshi, N. and Nag, B.P.: Papillary carcinoma in a thyroglossal duct cyst: A case report, review of literature, and diagnostic pitfalls in fine needle aspiration cytology. Thyroid Science, 6(10)CR1-3, 2011.

Najarian, T. and Rosemitt, C.N.: Hypothyroidism, particularly associated with weight loss: Evaluation and treatment based on symptoms and thyroid hormone levels. Thyroid Science, 6(6)CR1-3, 2011.

Huang, C., Fresca, D., Jokic, D., and Wang, X.: Development of Postpartum Graves’ Hyperthyroidism in a Woman with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism. Thyroid Science, 6(3):1-5, 2011.

Yanai, H. and and Yamazaki, H.: Grave’s ophthalmopathy in the absence of abnormal thyroid hormone and thyrotropin levels and thyrotropin receptor antibody. Thyroid Science, 6(1):1-3, 2011.

Meenakshisundaram, L. and Bingham, J.: Struma ovarii: case report and review. Thyroid Science, 5(10):1-4, 2010.

Lowe, J.C.: T3-Induced recovery from fibromyalgia by a hypothyroid patient resistant to T4 and desiccated thyroid. Thyroid Science, 5(6):1-7, 2010.

Evangelista, L., Cervino, A.R., Gregianin,M., and Saladini, G.: FDG-PET/CT Visualizes a case of primary hyperparathyroidism in a patient with gastrointestinal stromal tumor. Thyroid Science, 5(4):1-4, 2010.

Devi, L., Tandon, R., Kumari, I., Huria, A., and Goel, P.: Thyrotoxicosis in Pregnancy Complicated by Propylthiouracil-induced Hepatitis. Thyroid Science, 5(2):CR1-3, 2010.

Lowe, J.C.: Comparative effects of Cynomel and Hypo Support Formula.Thyroid Science, 4(10):CR1-8, 2009.

Dunn, M.E., Hennessey, J.V., Cosmas, A.C., Lamont, L.S., and Manfredi, T.G.: Clinical Case Report: Ultrastructural Evidence of Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Patients With Subclinical Hypothyroidism. Thyroid Science, 4(6):CLS1-8, 2009.

Colaco, R.J., Menasce, L.P., Ranson, M., Sobrinho Simoes, M., Teijeiro, J.C., Vinjamuri, S., and Yap, B.K.: A clinical case report of cribriform-morular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma with neuroendocrine differentiation and aggressive behaviour in a patient with familial adenomatous polyposis coli. Thyroid Science, 4(3):CR1-3, 2009.

Huang, C., Toscano-Zukor, A., and Wang, X.: Case Report: Hyperthyroidism, Iron-deficiency Anemia, and Celiac Disease. Thyroid Science, 4(3):CR1-3, 2009.

Reuben F. De Sousa, MBBS, Amonkar Dilip, MS, FICS, and Correia Mervyn, MS. Thyroid abscess with cutaneous fistula: Case report and review of the literature. Thyroid Science, 3(11):CR1-4, 2008.

David M. Derry, MD, PhD: Regeneration of human scar tissue with topical iodine: A preliminary report—part 2. Thyroid Science, 3(7):CR1-9, 2008. Contact:

Laura Evangelista, MD, Teresa De Falco, MD, T. Carmine di Nuzzo, MD, and Marco Salvatore, MD: Utility of adrhy with 131I-6-β-methyl-norcholesterol in a case of mismatch between morphological and functional PET imaging.Thyroid Science, 3(6):CR1-3, 2008.

David M. Derry, MD, PhD: Regeneration of human Scar tissue with topical iodine: A preliminary report—part 1 (three years). Thyroid Science, 3(6):CR1-9, 2008.

(Dr. Derry's report contains multiple high-resolution photos. If the file doesn't open for you, please downloaded the latest version of Adobe Reader. It is available free at the following website and will open the file:


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